Looking to take your game to the next level? I work with sports-minded entrepreneurs to assist them in positioning themselves more strategically in the areas of marketing, promotion, branding, networking, and social media. Whether you’re selling a product or offering a service, I can help you narrow in on your target and formulate a strategy to move toward your end game.

New entrepreneurs and mature businesses in a sports-related field looking to re-position themselves in the market have found my experience, insight, creativity, passion, and extensive network invaluable in helping to develop a winning strategy.

I also work with current and former athletic coaches looking to transition into a new career, start something on the side, or re-position themselves within the coaching ranks

Former professional athletes who are looking for options after their playing days have come to the right place. I will help you determine and formulate a path to utilize your skills and passions as you look to make your way in your post athletic career.

Looking for something beyond the typical skills clinic or mental game seminar? I can work with your entire staff in a half-day to two-day staff development and leadership seminar that will help lay a solid foundation that will help launch your program to the next level.