Staff Leadership and Development Seminar

Seminar overview

You’ve done your best to get the athletic side down. Hiring the right staff, solid and consistent training, self-evaluation, clinics and conferences, the mental game – you’ve got the bases covered. But like any good business or organization, it’s the everyday details that are sometimes overlooked and end up sinking your organization.

This series of staff development and leadership seminars is called Ten Second Impact: Developing Exceptional Organizational Culture through Everyday Interactions. I believe that it’s life’s daily decisions, crossroads, tasks, and encounters that present us with the opportunity to constantly improve and excel. And with a small investment of time and resources, you can turn your team into an organization.

Your team — your organization — is a small business. You are the CEO. What are you doing to work on your business? Are you so focused on the details that you’ve neglected the areas that will help your organization run efficiently?

Set your program apart from the crowded field of competitors with a small investment in your staff. I don’t focus on the athletic side. Rather, I coach your staff on the essentials of building and running a successful organization. The fundamentals you learn here can help you with any endeavor in your life, even if it doesn’t involve a stick and ball, court or field! These are portable skills that will translate well into almost any organization.

Whether it’s my half-day blitz, one-day seminar, or two-day retreat, you will receive valuable instruction that will help propel your program forward in a way that will leave your competitors wondering what you’ve done. These often unnoticed details are the bones of your organization. While others flail at completing these daily tasks, you can add efficiency and effectiveness to your organization – not necessarily via an overhaul, but through a series of tweaks and adjustments to common activities.

The major areas we’ll cover in all versions of our seminar:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Education
  • Relationships/Networks
  • Work
  • Gratitude

If you’ve got questions, check our Q&A section below or drop me a note.

Half-day Blitz

My half-day seminar is comprised of two two-hour sessions, jam-packed with information on the major topics in a fast-paced, higher level presentation. This half-day version of the seminar is set up to focus on four major topics:

  • Communication
  • Organization/planning
  • Culture/leadership
  • Creativity/innovation

Consider this an organized, high energy brainstorming session that can set your organizational ship back on the right course. After these four hours, you’ll have some solid information on which to begin to change the way you go about your daily tasks and interactions. I’ll keep the focus on the really important ingredients for staff development, with an eye toward autonomy and practicality.

I’ll wrap up the session with an in-depth Q&A so we can dig a little deeper into the areas of primary interest to your staff. All participants will receive a binder that contains the outline and key points from the event, as well as the notes that they’ll be taking.

The base price half-day seminar is $799. Contact me for details.

One-day seminar

My one-day seminar consists of two four-hour sessions that dive a little deeper into each of our eight primary topics. Each topic finishes with a Q&A session that enables us to spend as much time as necessary on the topics that most interest your staff. After these in-depth sessions, you’ll not only know what tweaks need to be made to your daily routines, but why you need to do them and how to implement the changes. As in the half-day seminar, we aren’t necessarily looking at an overhaul in the way you go about things, but rather an adjustment to your everyday tasks and interactions.

Each participant will be given a binder that outlines the ideas and concepts that are being discussed, as well as examples and illustrations. At the end of the session, their binder will be filled with actionable content and notes.

One-day seminar attendees will be given access to online resources and a way to contact me for follow up questions after the seminar.

The base price for the one-day seminar is $1199. Contact me for details.

Two-day retreat

The two-day retreat is similar in content to the one-day seminar with some major exceptions. First of all, it is typically held at an off-site location so that participants can learn and participate in a distraction-free environment.

The subject matter of the retreat will cover much of the same territory as the one-day seminar, but we will have the opportunity to go through illustrations, exercises, and object lessons that will serve both to reinforce the concepts and facilitate team building. The retreat typically also includes a team building activity after the conclusion of the day one presentations.

Each participant will be given a binder that outlines the ideas and concepts that are being discussed, as well as examples and illustrations. At the end of the session, their binder will be filled with actionable content and notes.

Two-day retreat attendees will be given access to online resources and a way to contact me for follow up questions after the seminar.

Contact me for cost and details on the two-day retreat.

Who is it for?

These staff development and leadership seminars are typically for an entire staff of a team or organization. For teams, that would include coaches, managers, trainers, operations personnel, and administrative staff. For organizations, that would include front line personnel, managers, operations staff, administrators, and more.

How is it delivered?

Half-day and one-day seminars are typically delivered on-site at your facility by Jack Warren. You supply the conference room, chairs, and tables and Jack will provide the binders and hours of entertaining and impactful information.

Two-day retreats are typically at an off-site location where participants can focus on the content and where they’ll be comfortable (enough) for the rigors of a two-day event.


Right now, you’ve hired competent and motivated staff, but it seems like sometimes they’re just not getting the most out of their effort – either individually or collectively. You have an allowance for continuing education which your staff gladly consumes. Videos, conferences, clinics, books and more. They’re learning about the game or their particular duties, but how often are they working on personal development or the essentials of running an efficient organization?

That’s where we come in. The content that Jack delivers in these seminars is essential to developing a staff that is functioning as a team.

About Jack Warren

Jack has been around baseball for his entire life — first as a player, then for more than 20 years as a high school and youth coach, then a brief stint as an umpire, and finally through his work with baseball coaches around the world in his work with Top Coach and Cornbelt Sports.

He has traveled the U.S., talking to, interviewing, and working with coaches at all levels. He acts as a coach’s coach (from a vocational standpoint), a consultant to coaches, programs, and organizations, and as a seminar organizer and presenter. Now with his new Ten Second Impact seminar, he aims to change the way that coaching staffs and support staffs look at and go about their daily business.

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  • Q: Would this seminar be appropriate for the players on my team?
    • A: Yes. This content is easily tailored for your team.
  • Q: Is there a limit on the number of attendees?
    • A: It’s only limited by the size of the venue, but there is a small additional fee for every attendee over 8.