Old business. New ideas. Embrace tradition.

Just another meat and three? Welcome change.

Shrimp to baseball. Lessons in pivoting.

Define your own brand. The future (and past) is yours.

Rebuild trust (and confidence) after an abject failure.

Lessons in perseverance and vision.

Believe in your brand. Double down.

Find your niche. Stake your claim.

54 ideas on a yellow legal pad. One stuck.

Old school tech. New world marketing.

Your Vision Tour™ is a collection of first hand object lessons for driving home the characteristics and attributes toward which you are striving. Perhaps you’re still trying to narrow in on that perfect niche. Your Vision Tour™ is a unique and fun way to learn and experience first hand the essentials for building a strong brand.

Jack will work with you to tailor a 2-7 day road trip, based on your needs and desires, that will reinforce important aspects of your career and business plan in a way that you’ll never forget. Tour key businesses, landmarks, and other significant sites while visiting with key personnel that will answer questions and give you insight into their business.

Before you undertake this journey, Jack will work with you to assess your goals and tailor a plan specifically for you. You’ll have a worksheet to keep track of key information and will have a session with Jack upon completion of the trip to review your findings and evaluate for your next steps moving forward.